• “In the beautiful office of Dr.Aaron Verbarg, I am always greeted warmly and rarely have to wait more than a few minutes before I am ushered back to the room for my bi-annual cleaning with Kim. My dental cleanings are thorough and done very professionally with delightful conversation inserted deftly throughout the procedure.

    Whenever Dr. Verbarg needs to do some further dental work on me, it is explained in easy-to-understand terms with time allotted and financial costs explained. An extra benefit may be discounts. I especially appreciate the one appointment crown change because the short time spent waiting for the permanent crown is a chance for me to relax, read, or play with my iPad.

    I would heartily recommend this office because of the professional care offered by Dr. Verbarg and his entire staff.”

    Barbara R.

  • “I have been a patient of Dr. Aaron Verbarg and his staff for the past eleven (11) years and can unequivocally attest to not only his high quality and ability of work but also to his consistent enthusiasm and integrity regarding his profession. His team deserves much praise as they make my “dental visits” a positive and enjoyable experience. I am certain when you meet him and his staff you too will be impressed by their warmth and personal charm.”

    Barbara Z.

  • ” Have you ever had a dental emergency? Well, I certainly have and because of one of those emergencies, I found Dr. Aaron Verbarg. It seems the dentist I was going to at the time, would not see me on that fateful day and the office manager there recommended Dr. Verbarg.

    From the moment I set foot in his office, I knew I had finally found the right dentist for me and my entire family. His staff was courteous, professional and compassionate. Dr. Verbarg took care of my emergency and has been taking care of all my dental needs ever since.

    I have recommended him to all my family members and anyone else that inquires about needing a dentist. His office is very inviting and comfortable and he is the ultimate professional. He has been trained in all the latest procedures and is able to do crowns, veneers, filings, whitening, laser procedures and Invisalign orthodontics. I have had numerous procedures (crowns. filings, veneers, and an implant) done by Dr. Verbarg and never experienced any pain or discomfort. Most of the procedures can be done in the office in one day. Invisalign is of course an exception.

    I am just completing my Invisalign orthodontic treatment and must tell you I am very pleased with the outcome and the office has been flexible and considerate in scheduling all my appointments.

    My teeth have never looked better or been in better shape than they are today thanks to Dr. Verbarg and his amazing staff.”

    E. Loraine S.